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I'm Just Me

The name is Brandi
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Bullshit is not tolerated. I only respect those who DESERVE respect and those who have EARNED respect. I'm a cool, laid back type of chick, I'm a nice person, but don't come at me sideways. Currently in college, gettin my edumacation on, lmao. Follow me, I do follow back. <3

Side note: Fake ass bitches, stay off of my blog. You're dead to me. Do the rest of the world a favor and be dead to them too. Harsh? IDGAF! And muhfuckas can miss me with the stereotypical bullshit.

Chapter 4: Sweet Temptation.


My heart raced as I called Chris back, I had a nervous feeling in my stomach, the one where everything feels tight. One of the worst.

"Hey." Chris answered.

"Hey." My voice cracked, "I was on the phone when you called, so I couldn’t answer right away." I let out a small breath.

"Nah it’s cool."…


"…we shine the light on whatever’s worst."

Okay seriously, all this unnecessary bickerin and arguin over bullshit is annoyin the dog shit out of me! I mean damn, no wonder I wanna stay gone all the time, spend umpteen hours with my best friend because this shit is on my nerves! Can this house be fuckin peaceful for once?!


I’m gon end up cussin out everybody in this damn house and if my grandma beat my ass after that, then so be it because I’m sick of this shit! Cut it the fuck out! Shit!



@iansomerhalder: Sitting under a palm tree, in a chair at Poquito Más,my favorite little taco stand in Burbank California next to the CW&Warner Bros.Why is that cool? Because, I just realized that 5 years ago, almost to the day- I was sitting right here drinking an iced tea waiting for my food and going over my lines before Auditioning for Damon Salvatore, just before I walked into the studio to get this show. Wow! 5 YEARS! It’s been an amazing time since then. I’m so grateful to the powers that be at CBS, The CW&Warner Bros for taking a chance on me and giving me this role. Even though I bombed my 1st Network test at the CW…Kevin Williamson had to fight tooth and nail for me-I LOVE YOU KEVIN FOR YOUR VISION, DIRECTION, BROTHERSHIP AND CHANGING MY LIFE.You, Julie Plec and this team really created something special. We all thank you, the devoted fans and the audience of this thing we call, The Vampire Diaries Love you all Ian and Damon
S ᴜ ᴘ ᴀ ғ ᴇ s ᴛ