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I'm Just Me

The name is Brandi
TeamBreezy | Team B5
Faves: Beyonce, Chris Brown, B5
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Aaliyah (R.I.P)
TLC(R.I.P Left Eye)
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and a few others.
Deal with it or hop off of my page
Bullshit is not tolerated. I only respect those who DESERVE respect and those who have EARNED respect. I'm a cool, laid back type of chick, I'm a nice person, but don't come at me sideways. Currently in college, gettin my edumacation on, lmao. Follow me, I do follow back. <3

Side note: Fake ass bitches, stay off of my blog. You're dead to me. Do the rest of the world a favor and be dead to them too. Harsh? IDGAF! And muhfuckas can miss me with the stereotypical bullshit.

Every time the damn phone rings they wanna act like they don’t hear it!

That shit irks me! It’s like they go deaf when the phone starts ringin.

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