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I'm Just Me

The name is Brandi
TeamBreezy | Team B5
Faves: Beyonce, Chris Brown, B5
F.A.M.E in stores NOW!
Fortune in stores NOW!
Fan of
Aaliyah (R.I.P)
TLC(R.I.P Left Eye)
Rita Ora
and a few others.
Deal with it or hop off of my page
Bullshit is not tolerated. I only respect those who DESERVE respect and those who have EARNED respect. I'm a cool, laid back type of chick, I'm a nice person, but don't come at me sideways. Currently in college, gettin my edumacation on, lmao. Follow me, I do follow back. <3

Side note: Fake ass bitches, stay off of my blog. You're dead to me. Do the rest of the world a favor and be dead to them too. Harsh? IDGAF! And muhfuckas can miss me with the stereotypical bullshit.

homygawd! I remember making these :’) *sigh* memoriesssss *Ren & Stimpy voice*

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